Argentine president presented Sundar Pichai with proposals for investments in AI in his country; met with Apple CEO Tim Cook

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza, right), met this Wednesday (May 29, 2024) with the CEOs of Google and Apple, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, respectively. On a trip to California, in the United States, the libertarian published photos with businesspeople on his social networks.

According to information from the newspaper The nationMercy “presented his vision on the future of Argentina and the importance of a regulatory framework that promotes innovation and investment” to the CEO of Google. The 1st meeting was held at the headquarters of big techem Mountain View.

“Sundar Pichai expressed his enthusiasm about the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and reiterated Google’s commitment to supporting digital transformationa source told the Argentine newspaper.

Later, the president of Argentina met with the CEO of Apple at the company’s office in Cupertina.

Through his social media profile, the libertarian shared a photo next to Tim Cook.


Reproduction/Instagram @JavierMilei – May 29, 2024


This Wednesday morning (May 29), Milei spoke at the Hoover Institute, at Stanford University and also met with the group’s director, Condoleezza Rice. She is former Secretary of State for Republican George Bush.

On the occasion, Milei spoke about the market and private property. She stated that everywhere socialism was applied, “it was an economic, social and cultural failure”.


mercy it is in the USA to promote the development of AI (artificial intelligence) in Argentina and seek investments for the country. He will also meet with Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg; Elon Musk, from Tesla and SpaceX; and other entrepreneurs in the sector.

On Tuesday (May 28th) Milei brought together with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California (USA). The head of the Argentine Executive said that the meeting was “wonderful”.

Read below some activities planned in Milei’s schedule (Brasília time):

  • on May 29:
    • at 6pm, he will meet with the CEO of Apple;
    • at 6:30 pm, there will be a meeting with businesspeople linked to the AI ​​development sector.
  • on May 30:
    • at 2pm, he will meet with owners of AI startups;
    • at 7:45 pm, he will speak at the “Pacific Summit”;
    • at 8:15 pm, there will be a meeting with the CEO of Meta.
  • on May 31:
    • at 6 pm, he will return to Argentina, making a brief stop in El Salvador for Nayib Bukele’s inauguration ceremony.

In June, Milei’s international agenda will continue with a trip to Europe. He will participate in the G7 meeting (group of the 7 largest economies in the world) in Italy and will visit Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France and Ukraine.


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