Faced with an endless crisis in Argentina and an increasing rejection of his government, President Javier Milei advanced the religious agenda this Sunday (11), by participating in the announcement of the first Argentine saint. A delegation led by Milei went to St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican, for the canonization mass of Blessed María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, “Mama Antula” (1730-1799), by Pope Francis.

The meeting with the pontiff, in particular, was one of the most anticipated moments on the presidential agenda. Francisco is the most admired authority in Argentina, his home country, and was called “representative of the evil one” by Milei in the electoral campaign in 2023. Now, seeing support dwindle, Milei even appealed to the Pope to try to contain the loss of popularity.

Generally frowning, the president forged a smiling and welcoming style in the images with the pope, who was in a wheelchair. The two talked little, but Milei, to leave no doubt about her publicity intention, still hugged the pope in an embarrassing way.

The photo soon ended up on Milei’s social media, with the caption “MUCHAS GRACIAS…!” (“thank you very much”). They will meet again this Monday (11), this time alone, at the Vatican Apostolic Palace. The pope must address the president about the economic and social chaos that is sinking Argentina.

Last week, Milei went to Israel, where she also dedicated herself to the association with the religious agenda. In tears, he took photos at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and prayed in front of the cameras.

Regarding the pope, his objective is to convince him to go to Argentina this year. In a letter addressed to Francisco in January, Milei said that a visit by the leader of the Catholic Church to the country “will bring fruits of pacification and fraternity for all Argentines to overcome divisions and confrontations”.

Source: vermelho.org.br

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