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The government of President Javier Milei, of Argentina, announced, this Monday (18), that it will cut social benefits for protesters who participate in acts against the policies of the current administration in the country.

For this Wednesday (20), protests are scheduled across the country in memory of the 39 people killed in the protests of December 19 and 20, 2001, the year of the worst economic, social and political crisis that Argentina has experienced in recent history.

Protest organizers will also take to the streets against the fiscal austerity that the anarcho-capitalist government will promote.

“Showing up is a right, but so is moving freely throughout Argentine territory to go to the workplace,” he said this Monday (18), in a video statement. In the piece, the Minister of Human Capital, a kind of super-ministry created to unite Employment, Education and Social Development, Sandra Pettovello, reported the withdrawal of benefits.

“The only ones who will not receive the benefit are those who participate in marches and block the street”, continued the ultra-liberal supporter. “Whoever blocks doesn’t receive”, she declared, repeating the catchphrase used by Milei in her inauguration speech, on the 10th.

“All those who promoted, instigated, organized or participated in the blockades will lose dialogue with the Ministry of Human Capital,” said Pettovello.

The distribution of benefits linked to social assistance programs in Argentina occurs mainly through two means: some are received directly, into the beneficiary’s bank account, while others are received through an intermediary organization between the State and the citizen.

Last Thursday (14), the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, released a security protocol that aims to prevent blockages of streets, roads and bridges during demonstrations in the city of Buenos Aires. Local media outlets estimate the presence of 50,000 people from 80 organizations on the streets in Buenos Aires on this date.


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