Nicolás Posse’s departure had been suggested for days because of differences with the president and his sister, Karina Milei

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, accepted, on Monday (May 27, 2024), Nicolás Posse’s resignation from his position as head of Cabinet. The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, will take his place. Posse’s departure had been discussed for days. In the Argentine press there was talk of disagreements with the president and with Karina Milei, Milei’s sister and general secretary of the Presidency.

In a statement, Casa Rosada declared that Francos will take over from Posse with “the objective of giving greater political volume”. The Chief of Staff “will absorb the powers of the Ministry of the Interior into a Secretariat of the Interior headed by Lisandro Catalán”.

Earlier, when speaking to journalists, Casa Rosada spokesperson, Manuel Ardoni, was asked about the possible inauguration of Javier Milei’s government. Ardoni denied that he would step down.

The statement from Casa Rosada does not indicate the reason for Posse’s resignation. The text is focused on Francos. He says he will take over the position “with professionalism, experience and political capacity”. Furthermore, Francos is recognized by all political forces for its management capacity and consensus”.

Another statement, issued by the head of Cabinet and published in the Argentine press, states that Posse’s decision to resign “was motivated by the difference in criteria and expectations in the government’s progress and the tasks entrusted to it”.

The note reads: “Posse will continue to follow, as it has done since day 1 [do governo Milei], the ideas of freedom, the defense of life and property and the project of a free Argentina promoted by President Milei. He will do so from a new role, which will be announced in the coming days”.


Ardoni announced during an interview with journalists on Monday (May 27) that the government will make new layoffs of federal civil servants. According to Ardoni, the 2nd round of layoffs should be in effect on June 30th.

On December 26, the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, published a decree that fired 5,000 public employees. According to ATE (acronym in Spanish for National Board of the State Workers Association)more than 11,000 people have been laid off from federal agencies since Milei assumed the presidency in December last year.

On Monday (May 27), Ardoni stated that he was “healthy” that the dismissals be made as a “permanent and eternal process”. According to the spokesperson, “It is important to review the functioning of certain areas and what value they add. It’s healthy that way.”.

Adorni declared that this measure applies to all ministries and other officials that make up the government. “The call for the evaluation of ministries has been taking place since December 10, 2023, and there have already been employees who have left”these.


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