Value was US$ 20.1 billion; big tech revenue also reached $56.2 billion in the May-June period

Microsoft released this Tuesday (July 25, 2023) the financial statement for the 4th fiscal quarter of 2023, which ended on June 30. The revenue of the company founded by Bill Gates was US$ 56.2 billion, an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2022.

Net income rose to US$ 20.1 billion – growth of 20% compared to last year, when it registered US$ 16.7 billion. Earnings per share were US$ 2.69, compared to US$ 2.23 in the same period in 2022. Here is the full statement (302 KB, in English).

The recipe in Intelligent Cloud was US$ 24 billion, up 15% compared to last year. Azure and other cloud services saw revenue growth of 26%.

The revenue of the professional social network LinkedIn also strengthened in the period, with growth of US$ 197 million (5%). The gaming sector was also up, with Xbox services growing 5% in Q4.

However, other sectors recorded a decline, such as Windows, whose revenue decreased by US$ 337 million (5%). A big tech experienced a 20% drop in device revenue ($339 million).

“We delivered a strong fiscal year-end driven by quarterly Microsoft Cloud revenue of $30.3 billion, up 21% (up 23% at constant currency) year-over-year”said Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Microsoft in the report released this 3rd fair (25.jul).


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