According to the “Financial Times”, the reason is concern about regulatory pressure from the EU and the US.

Microsoft has stepped down from its position as an observer on the board of OpenAI, the company responsible for ChatGPT. The information was released by Financial Times. According to the publication, the reason is the fear of regulatory pressure from the EU (European Union) and the United States.

By joining OpenAI’s board as an observer, Microsoft was able to attend meetings and access confidential information. It did not have voting rights. The company took the position in November last year. Apple had been considering taking the position but has since withdrawn, the newspaper reported.

We are grateful to Microsoft for expressing confidence in the company’s board and direction and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.”, said an OpenAI spokesperson. Under the leadership of CFO Sarah Friar, we are establishing a new approach to informing and engaging key strategic partners – such as Microsoft and Apple – and investors.”, he added.

Microsoft, according to the portal Axioshas invested more than $10 billion in OpenAI, which has raised concerns in Europe, the UK and the US about the control exerted by big tech about OpenAI.

EU antitrust regulators said in June that the partnership would not be subject to EU merger rules because Microsoft does not control OpenAI, but that they would seek third-party views on the deal’s exclusivity clauses.


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