Request comes at a time of tension with the USA; According to the “WSJ”, Washington has been trying to limit Beijing’s access to technology

The North American Microsoft asked its Chinese employees in the area of machine learning and cloud computing services consider requesting transfer to other countries. A team made up mostly of Chinese engineers has the option of going to the United States, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The information is from The Wall Street Journal.

The company’s request comes at a time of Sino-American tensions. According to the report, Washington has been trying to limit Beijing’s access to advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), claiming that they can be used to try to strengthen the country’s Armed Forces.

In a statement sent to Reutersa Microsoft spokesperson said that Providing internal opportunities is a regular part of managing our global business.”.

“As part of this process, we shared an optional internal transfer opportunity with a subset of employees”these.

He also informed that the company remains committed to China and will continue to operate in the country, including in other markets.


Already On Tuesday (May 14), the government of North American President Joe Biden announced increasing tariffs on Chinese products, including electric vehicle batteries, computer chips and medical products.

The tax charged on the import of electric vehicles quadrupled (from 25% to 100% in 2024).

The Biden administration said the new tariff will protect U.S. manufacturers in the “unfair business practices” of the Asian country.

“This move advances President Biden’s vision of ensuring that the future of the auto industry is made in the United States by American workers.”the White House statement said.


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