North American newspaper “New York Times” accuses big tech and artificial intelligence startup OpenAI of disrupting news business

The technology company Microsoft compared part of the American newspaper’s argument New York Times against artificial intelligence and resistance to the VCR in the 1970s. The vehicle accuses the startup OpenAI of disrupting business in the news sector.

According to New York TimesOpenAI and Microsoft violate copyright by using the newspaper’s intellectual property to train their artificial intelligence autonomously.

“Copyright law is no greater obstacle to the LLM (large language model) than it was to the VCR (or piano, copier, personal computer, internet, or search engine)”stated the big tech. Here is the full text (392 kB – in English).

Microsoft also states that the news uses “apocalyptic futurology” to convince judges in the process.

“The New York Times made unrealistic commands to try to order ChatGPT-based tools to produce snippets of text similar to the company’s news content,” stated.


O New York Times filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI on December 27, 2023 for copyright infringement.

In the filed action, aenews company requested compensation for “billions of dollars in legal and real losses” related to “illegal copying and use of valuable and exclusive works”. They also wanted the court to prevent companies developing artificial intelligence from using the vehicle’s content.

The North American newspaper states that the companies used “millions of reports” published by the vehicle to train chatbots. It also claims to believe that it is among the largest sources of information for artificial intelligence technologies.

This was the first time that a major US media company sued technology companies that created AI tools.


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