According to the column Jamil Chadeno UOLPresident Lula has received pressure not to sign the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur as it stands.

The messages that reached the president came from union and social movements that point to the weakening of national industry with the agreement. The possible imbalance, also warned by economists, caused the special advisor, Celso Amorim, to return to Brazil before the delegation that continued its trip to Germany.

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In addition to the fear coming from Brazil, the delegates responsible for negotiating on the part of Argentina also observe disadvantages for the Mercosur countries. In the midst of a transition, current president Alberto Fernández, in his last days of government, wants to leave it to the next president, Javier Milei, to take over the decision.

With the lack of decisive support from the Argentines, the difficulties became even greater in closing the agreement, which was expected to be announced at the Mercosur Leaders’ Summit, on December 7, in Rio de Janeiro.

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According to Chad, with the recent public opposition from the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Lula tried to hold the French responsible if the agreement does not happen. In this way, the Brazilian took the spotlight away from internal opposition, as he has been working tirelessly for the agreement.

This week the delegations should continue talking about resuming negotiations or deciding to wait for Milei to take office. However, the fear is that leaving it until next year will ruin the agreement once and for all, according to diplomatic sources interviewed by the columnist.

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