In addition to Lula, presidents of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia are in Rio de Janeiro for the meeting

Gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the 63rd Summit of Mercosur (Southern Common Market), the presidents of Brazil (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva), Argentina (Alberto Fernández), Paraguay (Santiago Peña), Uruguay (Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou) and Bolivia (Luis Arce) gathered for the official photo of the event this Thursday (Dec 7, 2023). Bolivia’s entry into the bloc was approved by the Senate at the end of November and made official on this 5th (Dec 7). The meeting is being held at a time of setbacks in the bloc’s free trade agreement with the European Union and tension with the escalation of the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana.

Sérgio Lima/Poder360 – 7.dec.2023

Official photo of the 63rd Mercosur Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro; from left. to the right: Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina; Santiago Peña, president of Paraguay; Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil; Alberto Lacalle Pou, president of Uruguay; and Luis Arce, president of Bolivia

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