The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro Vieira, and Russia, Sergei Lavrov, during a press conference (Photo: Fabio Rodrigues-Pozzebom/ Agência Brasil)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Vieira, reiterated the request for a ceasefire and lasting peace to Serguei Lavrov, the Russian equivalent to his same position, for that country’s conflict with Ukraine.

“I reiterated our position in favor of an immediate ceasefire, of respect for humanitarian law, of a negotiated solution for a lasting peace”, said Vieira after a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister at the Itamaraty.

“We are also achieving a fairer, more just and right-based world order. In this, we have a multipolar world view, where we are taking into account several countries, not just a few”, said the minister.

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The Brazilian chancellor also criticized the sanctions applied to the Russian government due to the conflict.

“I reiterated the Brazilian position against the application of unilateral sanctions. Such measures, in addition to not having the approval of the UN Security Council, have a negative impact on the economies of everyone, especially in developing countries”, he explained.

Lavrov, who has a meeting with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, arrived in the country this Monday (17th) and stated that he understands the Brazilian position.

“We are grateful to the Brazilian side, understanding the part in this situation, thanking the contribution to the solution of this conflict and problem, and we are taking it into consideration. We need to solve it in a lasting way and not immediately, ”he considered.


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