Minister of Economy is tied within the margin of error with Javier Milei, who has 27.9% of voting intentions

Economy Minister Sergio Massa (Union for the Homeland) is numerically ahead in the dispute for the presidency of Argentina with 30,7% of voting intentions in the 1st round, according to research by Atlas Intel and published by the newspaper Profile on Friday (September 29, 2023). He is the candidate of President Alberto Fernández.

The candidate from Freedom Advances e winner of the country’s primaries, Javier Milei, appears in 2nd place in the electoral race, with 27,9% of votes. The 2 are tied, within the margin of error. The 1st round of the Argentine elections will be held on October 22.

The survey interviewed 3,778 people online from September 20 to 10, 2023. The margin of error is 2 pp (percentage points) in a 95% confidence interval.

The center-direita candidate for Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich, tem 27,7% of voting intentions. Juan Schiaretti (We do for our country) and Myriam Bregman (Left Front) have respectively 4,8% e 2,1% of votes. Another 3.8% said they didn’t know, 1.8% were white and 1.4% had no vote.


In a scenario against the current Economy Minister, 44.9% said they would vote for Bullrich, while 34.9% would choose Massa. The sum of undecided, blank and null is 20.2%. Against Milei, the Juntos por el Cambio candidate has 36.8% of voting intentions while the right-wing candidate has 31.5%. Another 31.7% responded that they did not know, blank or null.

Atlas Intel research also indicates that Javier Milei would beat Sergio Massa in a possible 2nd round. According to the survey, the winner of the country’s primaries has 43.5% of voting intentions in this scenario against 37.5% for the Argentine president’s current candidate. Whites, null and undecided make up 19%.


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