Photo: X by Nicolás Maduro

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has been in China since September 8 and there he met the president of the New Development Bank (NDB), known as the “BRICS Bank”, Dilma Rousseff. The meeting with Dilma, whom she called her “great friend”, on Sunday (10), was to align the necessary procedures so that the country can join the NDB.

On Venezuelan state TV, Maduro confirmed the procedure this Tuesday (12) and said that the bank represents “hope and development”.

The New Development Bank works on targets until 2026 with financing operations for clean energy, infrastructure, transport, sanitation, among others.

The BRICS, originally made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, accepted the entry of Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran at its last summit.

With the movement to integrate the bank, Maduro also plans a future formal membership of the group.

On the occasion of the visit, he published on his account on X (formerly Twitter) that BRICS is a “powerful engine for articulating the new world” and that he soon intends to contribute to the “Venezuelan experience”.

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“Extraordinary meeting with Dilma Rousseff, President of the new BRICS Development Bank. In Venezuela they have a partner, an ally and a friend. We see with great admiration the BRICS geopolitical process, which is a powerful engine for articulating the new world.”

And he continued:

“Venezuela aspires to be able to establish a virtuous relationship with the BRICS Bank and, sooner or later, we will be part of this great family, where we will be able to contribute to the Venezuelan experience and integrate ourselves into this effort that marks the destiny of humanity.”


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