Images projected on the stage in Copacabana also showed Pelé, Paulo Freire and Marta; city ​​hall says 1.6 million went to the event

American singer Madonna, 65, paid tribute to the Rio councilor murdered in 2018, Marielle Franco (Psol), the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva, and federal deputy Erika Hilton (Psol-SP) during the show on Copacabana beach, in Rio, in the early hours of this Sunday (May 5, 2024).

During the presentation of “Music”, images of several public figures were displayed on the screen of the last show of the “Celebration Tour”. Other names from Brazilian culture, such as Gilberto Gil, rapper Mano Brown and Pelé, and historical figures, such as Zumbi dos Palmares, were also honored at the time.

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Below are other Brazilian figures honored:

  • Paulo Freire (1921-1997), educator;
  • Elza Soares (1930-2022), singer;
  • Maria Bethânia, singer; It is
  • Marta, football player.

The presentation featured singer Pabllo Vittar.


Madonna took the stage about 1 hour late, at 10:45 pm. The show on Copacabana beach lasted around two hours.

According to Riotur (Tourism Company of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro), 1.6 million people went to the event. The number surpassed the estimate of 1.5 million.

The arrival of the “Celebration Tour” to Brazil resulted in a total movement, which includes investments, economic turnover, sponsorships, broadcasting and infrastructure spending, which exceeds R$400 million. The singer’s salary is R$17 million.


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