President Lula’s statement comparing Israel’s massacre in the Gaza Strip with the murder of millions of Jews during Nazi Germany continues to provoke diverse reactions from civil society.

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While the opposition and Bolsonarists take advantage of the diplomatic crisis generated by the controversial speech of the head of the Brazilian Executive, allies, collectives and trade unions came to Lula’s defense.

This is the case of ‘Jewish Voices for Liberation’. The collective declared, in a statement, that the “contradiction of the Jewish people for being victims and now perpetrators is palpable, dark and disheartening and that Lula expressed what is in the imagination of many of us”.

The collective supported the Brazilian president’s statements and demanded that the radicality of his words be put into practice. Professor of International Relations, Igor Fuser agrees and says that, despite the critical repercussion that the statement had, Lula got it right.

“Lula’s speech at the African Union meeting this Sunday was impeccable, it was perfect. He spoke the pure truth. He stuck to the reality of the facts. From a political point of view, it was what can be called in football language [de] ‘a great goal’.”

“Lula gave voice, he expressed the feeling of indignation of millions and millions of people around the world who are outraged by the massacre, the carnage that Israel is carrying out against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. There are more than 30 thousand dead, most of them children, a huge number of women, innocent civilians, unarmed, being murdered in this way, [com] their homes destroyed”, points out Fuser.

The professor adds by citing the conditions in which Palestinians try to survive in the face of the conflict that began on October 7 between Israel and Hamas. Humanitarian aid rarely reaches the Gaza Strip.

(…) [Eles estão] no access to hospital, food, anything. Something of a perversity, a cruelty and a dimension that allows, yes, [dizer] that what Israel is committing in the Gaza Strip be compared to the great genocides in history, including the Holocaust committed by the Nazis against the Jews in Europe and also other peoples, other communities that were massacred by the Jews. So, Lula was perfect. All over the world, people are applauding, praising Lula’s statements and speech. So, something impeccable. As a Brazilian, I am proud of our president for taking this action,” he says.

The full interview, carried out by presenter Luana Ibelli, is available in this Tuesday’s edition (20) of Central Brazilwhich is available on the Brasil de Fato channel on YouTube.

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