The politician is the main exponent of the right in the country and the biggest name in opposition to the current president, Emmanuel Macron.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) quoted French National Assembly deputy Marine Le Pen (Rally National, right) after recalling all the times he lost the presidential election. He said that it was now time to win the elections “is coming”.

“Le Pen, in France, after her and her father [Jean-Marie Le Pen] losing so much, it’s coming for her. She has to be stubborn, fight, struggle, and do the right things.”said in an interview with Radio Princess this Monday (1st July 2024).

Le Pen has lost the presidential election three times, including to current President Emmanuel Macron. She is the daughter of the radical right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. He ran for President of France five times (1974, 1988, 1995, 2002 and 2007).

The French right emerged victorious in the first round of elections for the National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, on Sunday (June 30). RN (Régroupement Nationale, right), Marine Le Pen’s party, and its allies had 33.2% of the votes, according to projections by The world. Polls closed at 8pm (3pm Brasília time).


The Chief Executive also said he believed that “now” of his PT candidate for Mayor of the municipality of Feira de Santana (BA), Zé Neto (PT-BA), “will arrive”just as it came to him, after trying 3 times. Zé Neto has already lost 5 elections.

“I think Zé Neto’s day will come. I’m sure of it. There will come a time when people will start saying: ‘Wow, this guy is stubborn, this guy likes to fight, he’s stubborn’”said the president.

For the president, Zé Neto is an important figure for the party, and he is aware that it is not easy to win an election, and it is “I need a lot of dedication, a lot of walking, a lot of clapping in front of people’s houses, talking to them, answering questions, and one day it will come”.


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