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President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva left this Wednesday (17th) for Japan to participate in the G7 summit meeting, the group of richest countries in the world comprising Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. United.

The 49th G7 Summit will take place in Hiroshima between Friday, the 19th, and Sunday, the 21st. red portal14 years ago, a Brazilian president was not invited to this summit: Lula was the last one, in 2009, in Italy.

The Brazilian president was invited by the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida. Heads of State from Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Comoros Islands, Cook Islands, UN members, IMF, World Bank, European Union, among others, were also invited.

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According to the Itamaraty, several countries got in touch to meet with Lula, however, so far, only bilateral meetings with leaders from India, Indonesia and Japan have been confirmed. There are expectations that Lula will meet with the president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

In your Twitterupon boarding, Lula spoke of the central agenda that leads to the G7 and wished Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, who will take over the country during his absence, a good job: “Towards the G7, dialogue on peace, combating climate change, development and global cooperation. Good job Geraldo Alckmin.”

According to the president’s official schedule, he left Brasília Air Force Base for Mexico City (Mex), from there the flight goes to Anchorage (Alaska/USA) and then to Hiroshima, Japan. It is possible to follow the route of the Brazilian Presidential Air Force (Brazilian Air Force 1) in real time here.


This is Lula’s sixth trip in this term. The president has already been to Argentina and Uruguay (1), the United States (2), China and the United Arab Emirates (3), Portugal and Spain (4), the United Kingdom (5) and now Japan (6).

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The intense travel schedule demonstrates the resumption of Brazilian participation in international relations, after years of ostracism under Bolsonaro.

With his trips, Lula managed to get R$500 million from the UK and R$2.5 billion from the US for the Amazon Fund and signed 15 trade agreements with China that involve R$50 billion in investments for Brazil. It also brokered an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the government of Bahia for an investment of R$12 billion for the construction of a green diesel and sustainable aviation kerosene factory in the state.

Not to mention the R$1.1 billion partnerships signed with Germany for socio-environmental actions in Brazil, and the unfreezing of values ​​by Norway of R$3 billion – blocked with Bolsonaro due to the disaster of his environmental policy and which were released when Lula resumed the Amazon Fund.


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