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President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met on a bilateral agenda, this Monday (8), in Asunción, with the president of Paraguay, Santiago Peña. The leaders spoke about relations between the two countries and between the other members of Mercosur, as well as about infrastructure works, development of waterways and river ports.

The capital of Paraguay hosted the 64th Mercosur Summit this Monday, which could have been the first to have five heads of state from member countries if it were not for the absence of the president of Argentina, Javier Milei.

“Brazil’s strategic relations with the Mercosur countries are a very serious and genuine matter, to which we give full priority. Together we have a much better chance of making things happen. Brazil and Paraguay are truly brother countries,” Lula emphasized.

For Santiago Peña, “cooperation and joint work are fundamental for the region to become stronger and achieve greater development for its inhabitants.”

The Paraguayan also explained that “for Paraguay it is essential to work in coordination with an integrative vision that allows more people to invest and that Paraguayan products can continue to make their way in the region and the world”.

Peña advocated for greater integration between Mercosur member countries and thanked Lula for his efforts in promoting relations between Paraguay and Brazil. “I am very proud to be president of Paraguay at the same time that Lula is president of Brazil, a true privilege,” he said.

The Paraguayan leader highlighted Brazil’s important role as a member of BRICS and as the head of the pro tempore presidency of the G20, whose Leaders’ Summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2024. Peña also expressed interest in developing unified border centers, closing the agreement on Annex C of the Itaipu Treaty, increasing energy integration in the oil and gas sector and the complementarity of production chains.


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