President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) criticized this Saturday (16) the sanctions imposed by the United States against Cuba, defended the reformulation of the global governance system and also questioned technology companies. The speech took place during the G77+China summit, which takes place in Havana, the Cuban capital, and is the largest event for countries in the Global South within the United Nations (UN).

“It is of special significance that, at this time of great geopolitical transformations, this summit is held here in Havana. Cuba has been an advocate for fairer global governance and is even the victim of an illegal economic embargo. Brazil is against any unilateral coercive measure. We reject the inclusion of Cuba in the list of states sponsoring terrorism”, highlighted the PT member.

The country that has maintained a ban on doing business with the socialist island since 1962 is the United States. Furthermore, the White House also places Cuba on the list of countries that “sponsor terrorism”, a measure adopted by then President Donald Trump. Havana says that the blockade has already caused losses of more than US$140 billion and the UN General Assembly has voted since 1992 on a resolution condemning the ban on trade between the US and Cuba.

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In his speech, Lula also argued that the G77 has been “a vector of important changes in multilateral institutions” by exposing “the anomalies of global trade”.

“Global governance remains asymmetrical. The UN, the Bretton Woods system and the WTO – World Trade Organization – are losing credibility. We cannot divide ourselves. We must forge a common vision that takes into account the concerns of low- and middle-income countries and other more vulnerable groups”, he stated.

The Brazilian president also criticized the “threatening side effects” of the technology. “Large multinationals in the technology sector have a business model that accentuates the concentration of wealth, disrespects labor laws and, often, fuels human rights violations and encourages extremism. We run risks ranging from loss of privacy to the use of autonomous weapons, going through the racist bias of many algorithms”, he said.

Still this Saturday, Lula is scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel. At the end of the day, the PT leader leaves for New York, where he will participate in the UN General Assembly, on Tuesday (19), and is scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday (20). .

Editing: Rodrigo Gomes


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