Exit poll shows that the coalition won 8 seats; right-wing party won 7 seats

In the Netherlands, the left-wing coalition of the Labor Party with the Green Left won 8 seats and obtained a majority of the Dutch seats for the European Parliament in the elections held this Thursday (June 6, 2024). The exit poll was carried out by Ipsos I&O and published by the Dutch broadcaster NOS.

The right-wing PVV (Freedom Party) managed to elect 7 parliamentarians to the European Union Legislature. The result was well received by party leaders and their supporters. In the 2019 election, the party only won one seat.

“From 1 to 7 places in the exit poll! Super exciting because we can still become the greatest when the results are announced on Sunday!”, these Geert Wilders, member of the PVV.

Wilders also declared that the poll results signal the population’s desire for a different European Union and emphasized the importance of strengthening the nation-state. “No more transfer of powers to Europe, but exactly the opposite”he stated.

Labor Party leader Frans Timmermans, however, interpreted the results as demonstrating that left-wing parties remain relevant despite the growth of right-wing movements.

“This gives us strength to continue fighting for a social and green Europe!”, declared Timmermans.

The vote in the Netherlands kicked off the elections for the EU parliament, which involve the bloc’s 27 member states. The people of the Czech Republic and Ireland will be next to go to the polls.

Here is the election schedule:

  • Thursday (June 6): Netherlands;
  • Friday (7.Jun): Czech Republic, Ireland;
  • Saturday (Jun 8): Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia;
  • Sunday (Jun 9): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/esquerda-obtem-maioria-nas-eleicoes-ao-parlamento-europeu-na-holanda/

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