The lack of oxygen in the largest hospital operating in Gaza killed one baby and could lead to the death of 39 others at any time. Al-Shifa hospital, which has been the target of bombings amid the massacre carried out by Israel, also suffers from a lack of supplies.

The Palestinian Health Minister, Mai Al-Kaila, went so far as to say that the 39 babies in the hospital’s intensive care area had died, but an official statement from the Ministry corrected the information, reporting one death and that 39 were in serious condition. risk.

“Israel is committing war crimes and genocide in the Gaza Strip. Hospitals are being surrounded by tanks, instead of receiving fuel, medicine and supplies, which is causing the deaths of thousands of patients and injured people,” said the minister, heard by the news agency Anadolu.

According to Gaza authorities, of the 35 hospitals in the region, 20 stopped functioning after being hit by Israeli bombings or due to a power outage. One of the health units, Al-Nasr Hospital, was directly hit by bombing, which destroyed the infirmary and the solar panels that provided energy for its operation.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the health network in the Gaza Strip is “on the verge of collapse”. Representatives of the entity appealed to the United Nations for an immediate ceasefire in the region.

Editing: Felipe Mendes


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