German police say registrations of the threat symbol grow as conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates

German police have received a series of complaints from Jewish residents in Berlin who say they found the Star of David symbol drawn or pasted on the entrance to their homes. On social media, users endorse the complaints with photos of the graffiti. The information is from the German newspaper Watson.

The country registers threats amid the war between Israel and the Palestinian extremist group Hamas. The Star of David, associated with Judaism, was widely used by Nazi agents in Germany during Adolf Hitler’s government to mark Jewish homes and businesses. The strategy served to intimidate and persecute the group.

The return of graffiti worries the German government. In one of the reported cases, a 28-year-old Jewish woman found a Star of David on the door of her house in Berlin, in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, on Thursday night (Oct 11).

In an interview with the newspaper Bildshe stated that she called the police to report the case, but was told to remove the symbol on her own to “avoid any further type of retaliation”.

“I speak Hebrew, I make calls in Hebrew and I wear a Star of David. I thought a lot about staying at home. I’m scared because I really can’t assess the threat level.”, he declared. Local police are still investigating the perpetrator behind the act.

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