Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) told reporters on Monday, July 31, that his country will not participate in the next conference on the war in Ukraine, scheduled for later this week in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. , because Russia was not invited.

AMLO said that “if there is acceptance by both Ukraine and Russia to look for solutions in order to reach peace, we will participate”, adding that “we do not want the Russia-Ukraine war to continue, it is very irrational” and “the only one that benefits from this is the industry of war”.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia is expected to hold the conference sponsored by Ukraine and its Western allies on August 5-6. The conference is aimed at gaining wider support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s so-called peace plan, unveiled last December during his visit to the United States.

Zelensky’s plan excludes any talks with Russia and calls for the complete withdrawal of its troops from all Ukrainian territories, including Crimea. He also calls on Russia to pay war reparations and face trials in a military court for alleged war crimes before any negotiations can take place.

About 30 countries are expected to attend the meeting, including delegations from the US, EU, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Chile and Zambia.

Ukraine has already made it clear that Russia will not be invited to the meeting, the Reuters. Meanwhile, Russia has said it is not opposed to talks in Jeddah, but has said there can be no peace in Ukraine without its participation. He also completely rejected Zelensky’s proposal, calling it unrealistic and delusional.

Reiterating that Russia has always been open to negotiations, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday that her country hopes that the Jeddah talks will make participants realize that “Zelensky’s plan has no prospects”.

Zakharova emphasized that Russia has never said no to peace talks with Ukraine and that it has received about 30 different peace proposals from various countries and individuals. Zakharova reiterated that “several [rodadas] of conversations took place” between Ukrainian and Russian representatives before “them [ucranianos] stop responding” under Western pressure.

Russia claims the West does not want Ukraine to reach a peace deal. During his meeting with African representatives in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the two countries were on the verge of reaching an agreement during talks in Istanbul last year, before Ukraine suddenly decided to withdraw under Western pressure.

There have been two major attempts to revive talks between Russia and Ukraine since their collapse in April 2022. Peace proposals put forward by the Chinese in April and several African countries in June have failed to restart the talks.


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