Record of the conversation between the crew and the airport, obtained by “NHK”, shows instructions for the aircraft to wait

The Japan Coast Guard plane that collided with a commercial aircraft on Tuesday (2.Jan.2023), in Tokyo, was not allowed to take off, according to information from the state broadcaster NHK. Communication records between the crew and the Haneda airport control tower show that the official transport had been instructed to wait on the taxiway.

The conversation between the 2 sides was transcribed by NHK. According to the vehicle, at 5:45 pm, 2 minutes before the accident, air traffic controllers instructed the Coast Guard to taxi the plane to the waiting area. The group would have reiterated receipt of the warning, saying that it was heading towards the mentioned position.

The records do not show messages that authorized the aircraft to enter the runway until 5:47 pm, when the accident occurred. The Coast Guard, however, says it received permission to follow the route and carry out the flight.

The conversation with the control tower also confirmed the version presented by Japan Airlines that the commercial plane had received authorization to land on the runway. At 5:43 pm, 4 minutes before the accident, the controller instructed the crew to continue with the landing.

Japan’s Transportation Safety Board announced that it recovered the black box from the Coast Guard plane to advance investigations into the case.

Five of the 6 people on the Coast Guard plane died in the collision. The 379 passengers and crew of the Japan Airlines Airbus A350 managed to get the aircraft to safety before it was engulfed in flames.

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