Dress from São Paulo brand Neriage was made exclusively for the first lady

First lady Janja Lula da Silva wore a red wool tile dress with a cape, produced by the São Paulo brand Neriage, at the Coronation of King Charles 3rd this Saturday (May 6, 2023). Stylist Rafaela Caniello said that the piece, handmade, was made to measure and exclusively.

In an interview with Folha de S.Paulo, Caniello said that the elaboration of the dress had the involvement of stylist Rita Lazzarotti and Janja herself. According to the stylist, the first lady is very participative in the creation of her looks.

She opines on color, length, shows the models she feels good wearing. Janja is a very light person, has a strong opinion and knows how to listen“, he told the newspaper.

Ricardo Stuckert/Planalto – May 6, 2023

This Saturday (May 6) Janja wore a red wool tile dress with a cape by Neriage in London (United Kingdom), where she is with Lula; the couple attended the coronation ceremony of Charles III

The stylists said they were careful to make Janja suitable for the ceremony. In British royalty, there are several rules for the attire of both the royal family and guests at solemnities.

It’s a very specific dress code, and yet we still need to represent her personality.“, said Caniello.

On the 1st day in London, on Friday (5.May), Janja wore an orange dress by the brand Printing. She met Charles III and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ian Jones/Buckingham Palace – 5.mai.2023

Janja greets Charles 3rd; wears an orange dress by the brand Printing, from Belo Horizonte

The first lady prioritizes Brazilian brands on big occasions. At her wedding to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Janja wore a dress off white with details made by embroiderers from Timbaúba dos Batistas, in the region of Seridó, in Rio Grande do Norte. The piece was signed by stylist Helô Rocha.

During Lula’s inauguration, the first lady opted for a tailored suit made in crepe vintage silk, naturally dyed with cashew and rhubarb and embroidered with Brazilian straw.

The piece was also designed by stylist Helô Rocha along with Camila Pedroza. The details were made by embroiderers from Timbaúba dos Batistas.

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