Alongside Brazilian Ambassador Solange Fonseca, the First Lady visited the Joburg Theater on her 1st day in South Africa

The first lady Janja Lula da Silva and the Brazilian ambassador to South Africa, Solange Fonseca, met on this Monday (Aug.21.2023) the Brazilian dancers who make up the Johannesburg ballet, capital of the African country. Janja is in the country accompanying president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to the 15th Brics Summit, a group formed by BBrazil, Russia, Inndia, China and africa Sul.

“It is impossible not to be moved and filled with pride with the story of our dancers and all the social transformation they build with Joburg Ballet“wrote the first lady in your profile on social networks. Six of the 25 members of the main ballet of the professional company of the Joburg Theater, a group of 4 theaters located in the city, are Brazilian.

Janja stated that the “the presence of these young black Brazilians is part of the company’s dedication to advancing diversity and representativeness in the group, inspiring black South African children to see the possibilities for the future within ballet”. And completed: “All admiration for you, Armando, Monike, Ivan, Bruno, Gabriel and Ruan”.


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