Invading and annexing territories, under the pretext that they were yours in the past, is the 1st foundation of the problem in the Middle East and Ukraine, writes Janio de Freitas

In whispers, the excited battle of diplomatic dialogues tries to avoid an event that would not lack a certain dose of ridicule, but, if it occurs, it will be an authentic product of today’s world.

If our underdeveloped and undernourished subcontinent has something enviable in the hemisphere of powers, it must be this: South America has been, for almost a century, the only one of the continental territories in which “peaceful coexistence” It is not just a rhetorical expression. Yes, against such conditions, Nicolás Maduro wants to take Venezuela militarily.

Maduro is in a hurry. He scheduled a popular consultation in 10 days in which Venezuelans will say whether or not they want to invade and annex more than half of Guyana, their neighbor. Guyana is getting rich with oil from the same Atlantic origin discussed in Brazil – pro-exploration or pro-environment. In Venezuela, there is no shortage of oil.

Maduro’s haste joins his idea and thus proposes an even simplistic but logical interpretation. A persistent supporter of non-electoral resources to win elections, Maduro is under pressure to admit a contest, in 2024, recognizable as clean. “Democratic”, in the words that Lula repeats to him.

The first movements surrounding the presidential election send unfavorable signals to Maduro. His supporters have already tried to obtain the judicial impeachment of a competitor with good receptivity. This first artifice goes to the questioned Justice account, however, the scenario calls for more. And Maduro’s idea mobilizes the electorate, without a doubt.

Both regarding the electoral process and the intended annexation of Guyana, the Brazilian position does not raise any doubts. Reserves in dialogue with Maduro are the rules. However, the Brazilian electoral majority and the government it elected have a moral duty to reverse: now it is up to Brazil to reproduce the warnings of rupture in relations coming from abroad, and decisive, in defense of democratic elections here. And reproduce them redoubled regarding the invasion of Guyana.

Ownership of the territory is an old issue, resolved in principle in the 19th century. In 1966, an agreement provided for new discussions, with Guyana still being an English colony. Leaving border problems, if not English-style evil, was characteristic of the independence of colonies from the United Kingdom. In the case of India and Pakistan, marked by violence, the mistake led both countries to become atomic powers.

The International Court in The Hague is studying an appeal by Guyana against the consultation with Venezuelans. Maduro responds that “the referendum will take place and Venezuelans will sovereignly decide their destiny”.

Invading and annexing territories, under the pretext that they were theirs in the past, is the 1st foundation of the problem in the Middle East and what Russia claimed to invade Ukraine, to annex part of that country. Maduro, who would have thought, clones Putin.


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