Foto: Unrwa/Mohammed Hinnawi

More than 2,300 people lost their lives in the war between Palestine and Israel and thousands more are injured. The alarming numbers also involve employees of the United Nations (UN). According to the organization, 11 employees of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees, Unrwa, in Gaza, were victims.

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, in conversation with journalists in New York, classified the events as “dramatic” and that the world is seeing the advance of violence with “horror”.

The head of the United Nations calls for hostages to be released and for humanitarian access to Gaza to be established.

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Still according to the international body, at least 220,000 Palestinians are sheltered in 92 Unrwa units in Gaza. Guterres warned that these places should be spared and recalled that they are protected by international law.

However, what has been observed in Gaza is that hospitals, schools and Unrwa agencies themselves have been hit by Israeli artillery.

Regarding the 11 UN dead, the agency’s deputy director in Gaza, Jenifer Austin, detailed the professions: “five teachers, a gynecologist, an engineer, a psychological counselor and three support staff.”

Siege of Israel

Israel’s siege of Gaza with the suppression of supplies has pushed the situation of the Palestinians to the limit.

According to the UN, 610,000 Palestinians were without drinking water and, this Wednesday (11), the head of the Palestinian territory’s energy authority, Jalal Ismail, reported that the fuel in Gaza had run out and as a result the only power plant had to stop its activities .


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