Offensive left 17 injured; The Israeli Army says the bombing was aimed at targeting Islamic Jihad

An Israeli airstrike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip killed 4 people this Sunday (March 31, 2024). Another 17 were injured. The information comes from the director general of the WHO (World Health Organization), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

According to Adhanom, a team from the UN health agency (United Nations) was on a humanitarian mission there when the offensive occurred. All WHO employees have been located.

A WHO team was on a humanitarian mission at Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza when a camp inside the hospital complex was hit today by an Israeli airstrike. 4 people died and 17 were injured. The WHO employees were all located”said the director general of the WHO.

“We again call for the protection of patients, healthcare personnel and humanitarian missions. The ongoing attacks and militarization of hospitals must stop. International humanitarian law must be respected. We urge the parties to comply with the Security Council resolution and the ceasefire!”, he stated.

According to BBC, among the injured are 7 journalists. The Israeli Army declared that the plane hit an Islamic Jihad command center. The city of Deir al Balah is in the central area of ​​the Gaza Strip. Despite the declaration by Israeli forces, the attack directly hit and burned down homeless Palestinian tents in front of the hospital.

An IAF (Israeli Air Force) aircraft struck an Islamic Jihad operational command center and terrorists positioned in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Hospital, in the Deir al Balah area. After the precise strike, the Al-Aqsa Hospital building was not damaged and its function was not affected”, wrote the communications department of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, in Portuguese).


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