Qatar’s state broadcaster has been inactive in Israeli territory since May 5; government says channel poses threat

The Israeli Ministry of Justice announced on Thursday (June 13, 2024) that the broadcaster “Al Jazeera” will remain banned in the country for another 35 days. The Qatari state-owned company has been inactive in Israeli territory since its first ban, on May 5th.

Qatari news faces challenges because the Israeli government understands that the broadcasts pose a threat to the country’s security. However, the broadcaster’s defense states that the “Al Jazeera” does not defend or support acts of terrorism, saying that the restriction imposed is disproportionate.

Al Jazeera is the vehicle with the largest number of journalists in loco in the Gaza Strip to cover the war between Israel and Hamas and has shown daily the difficulties faced by Palestinian civilians trying to survive Israeli attacks and starvation.

The newspaper also maintains a page with daily updates on the number of deaths and injuries in the conflict.

At least 3 journalists who worked for the outlet have been killed in the region since the start of the conflict. In total, according to figures from the CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists, in Portuguese), 95 journalists were killed, 90 Palestinians, 2 Israelis and 3 Lebanese.


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