The Israeli Army says it is investigating an “incident” that killed Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah on Friday (13.Oct)

The Lebanese Armed Forces stated this Saturday (14.Oct.2023) that Israel launched the missile that killed the cameraman of the Reuters Issam Abdallah, 37 years old, on Friday (Oct 13). He was with a group of press professionals covering the bombing in southern Lebanon, on the border with Israel.

In a statement, the Lebanese Army Command said that the “enemy” Israeli also attacked the surrounding cities of Marwahin, Aita al-Shaab, Kafr Shuba, Al-Adisa and the Marjayoun plain, with missiles fired from a helicopter and artillery shells.

“The army continues to maintain readiness and take the necessary measures in the border areas”, he stated. Here is the full note, in Arabic (PDF – 208 kB). On Monday (Oct 9), the Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said that the country does not want to enter the war between Israel and the Hamas group and that the priority is “maintain security and stability in southern Lebanon”.

According to information from ReutersIsraeli Army lieutenant colonel Richard Hecht told journalists this Saturday (Oct 14) that the country is aware of the “accident” who killed the cameraman and who is investigating the episode.

“We are investigating. We already have images. We’re doing an interrogation. It’s a tragic thing.”these.

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According to Reuters, Issam Abdallah was part of the team that carried out a live broadcast from the region. The newspaper Al Jazeera reported that 2 professionals from the vehicle and 1 from the international news agency AFP (Agence France-Presse) were also injured.

A video circulating on the networks appears to show the transmission carried out by the Reuters and the moment when everyone is hit. You can hear a loud bang. Next, there is a woman’s screams. She asks what had happened and says the following: “I can’t feel my legs.”. A man tries to calm the woman: “Are you well”.

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Although it is the largest armed conflict in the region in recent years, the territorial dispute between Palestinians and Jews has been going on for decades. The 2 groups claim the territory, which has important historical and religious landmarks for both ethnicities.

Hamas (Arabic acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement”) is the largest Islamic organization operating in Palestine, with a Sunni orientation. It has a political arm and provides social services to the Palestinian people, who mostly live in poor areas with precarious infrastructure, but the organization is best known for its armed wing, which fights for the sovereignty of the Gaza Strip.

The group took power in the region in 2007, after winning elections against the political and military organization Fatah in 2006.

The region has been the scene of conflicts since the last century. There are records of offensives in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2021 between Israel and Hamas, in addition to the 1st Arab-Israeli War (1948), the Suez Crisis (1956), the 6-Day War (1967), Yom Kippur War (1973), the 1st Intifada (1987) and the 2nd Intifada (2000). Understand more here.

Frictions in the region began after the UN (United Nations) divided Palestine into Arab (Gaza and West Bank) and Jewish (Israel) territories, in 1947, with the intention of creating a Jewish State. However, Arab leaders did not accept the division.


Hamas, a radical Islamic group with a Sunni orientation, carried out a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday (7.Oct). Israel declared war against Hamas and began a series of retaliatory actions in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory that borders Israel and is governed by Hamas.

Hamas attacks are concentrated in southern and central Israel. If Hezbollah makes new advances on the border with Lebanon, a new focus of combat could be established in the north of Israel.

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht stated that the country “look to the North” and who expects Hezbollah “Don’t make the mistake of joining [ao Hamas]”.

Learn more about the war in Israel:

  • the extremist group Hamas launched a unprecedented attack against Israel on October 7 and claimed responsibility for the attacks the following day;
  • around 2,000 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. Extremists have also infiltrated Israeli cities – there are reports of seizure of soldiers and civilians;
  • Israel responded with bombings of targets in the Gaza Strip;
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared (8.out) war on Hamas and spoke of destroy the group;
  • world leaders like Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron condemned the attacks – Jewish entities made the same;
  • Iran and the extremist group Hezbollah celebrated the action of Hamas – find out what it’s like inside the tunnels used by Hezbollah on the border between Lebanon and Israel;
  • Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, determined on Monday (Oct 9) a “complete siege” to the Gaza Strip. According to the UN, action is prohibited by international humanitarian law;
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared the conflict to the war in Ukraine. He stated that Hamas is a “terrorist organization”, while Russia can be considered a “terrorist state”;
  • Lula called Hamas’ attacks on “terrorism”but relativized the episode;
  • There will be a government operation to repatriate Brazilians in areas hit by attacks. There will be 5 flights to pick up 900 people. The 1st FAB (Brazilian Air Force) rescue plane landed in Tel Aviv on Tuesday (10.Oct). The operation must be completed on Sunday (Oct 15);
  • Israeli Embassy in Brazil called Hamas of “branch” of the Iranian regime;
  • Arthur Lira (PP-AL), president of the Chamber, and Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), president of the Senate, also pronounced and appealed for peace;
  • Bolsonaro (PL) repudiated the attacks and associated Hamas with Lula;
  • Government began negotiations with Egypt to rescue Brazilians across the land border – the UN approved the proposal;
  • Itamaraty confirmed the death of the 3 Brazilians who disappeared during the bombed rave: Ranani Glazer, Bruna Valeanu and Karla Mendes;
  • Brazil’s Ambassador to Israel said that there is no official information regarding Brazilians kidnapped by Hamas;
  • A group of Brazilians who wish to leave the Gaza Strip arrived in the city close to the border with Egypt on Saturday (Oct 14). Chancellor Mauro Vieira stated that the Egyptian government authorized the group to pass through its territory. The plane that will carry out the rescue took off from Brasília on Thursday (Oct 12);
  • UNDERSTAND know what Hamas is and the history of the conflict with Israel;
  • ANALYSIS – Conflict is between Iran and Israel and climbing potential it is uncertain;
  • OPINION – Uncertain days for the oil market, writes Adriano Pires;
  • PHOTOS E VIDEOS – look images of war in the special playlist of Poder360 no YouTube.


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