The Planalto Palace confirmed to the Brazil in fact on Tuesday night (5) that the humanitarian aid sent by the Brazilian government to the Palestinians was blocked by Israel in Rafah. The information was released earlier by Italian deputy Angelo Bonelli, who is in the region.

According to Bonelli, Brazil sent around 30 boxes of inputs, which include water filters and freezers. The European parliamentarian, member of the Green Party in Italy, states that the reason given by the Israelis for rejecting the delivery of aid this Tuesday (5), is that it would be “incompatible and dangerous for the security of the State of Israel”.

The Brazilian inputs are part of the approximately two thousand trucks that have been waiting for more than a month for authorization from Israel to enter Gaza with humanitarian aid. These vehicles carry supplies, equipment and food sent from France, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, among others. The boxes with the supplies are in a Red Cross warehouse in Arish, 20 km from the border with Gaza.

Bonelli released a series of videos in the area where the trucks are trapped. In the images, it is possible to see a huge line of vehicles awaiting authorization from Israel to enter Gaza. The Italian deputy is in the region in a delegation of 14 Italian opposition parliamentarians who arrived in Rafah three days ago.

The blockades occur because the border region in Rafah, a city in northern Gaza that borders Egypt, is under the control of Israeli military forces, which monitor everything that enters Palestinian territory using X-ray equipment.

According to Bonelli, among the items that were blocked by the Israelis and waiting in a Red Cross warehouse are oxygen cylinders, beds for long-term care, incubators, refrigerators, tents, crutches, anything that produces energy, including solar panels.

The report questioned Itamaraty about the situation via email, but has not yet received a response.

Children dying of hunger

The Israeli blockade comes amid the worsening humanitarian tragedy in the region. This Monday (4), the World Health Organization reported that at least 10 children died of hunger in Gaza in recent days. A team from the organization visited a hospital in the northern part of Gaza over the weekend and noted the critical situation.

“Severe levels of malnutrition, minors dying of hunger, serious shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies, hospital buildings destroyed,” WHO director Tedros Adhanom wrote on his X/Twitter profile on Monday.

Editing: Thalita Pires


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