Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Affairs, condemned Iranian attack on Israel with drones and missiles

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock condemned this Sunday (April 14, 2024) Iran’s attacks on Israel and said that the “Iranian regime knowingly” took the Middle East “on the edge of the abyss”.

“The Iranian regime has consciously brought the entire Middle East to the brink of an abyss. We urge Iran to refrain from further attacks.”he stated in a speech released by Deutsche Welle News.

The minister’s statements come after an attack with drones and missiles conducted by Iran in Israel on Saturday (13 April).

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) said that more than 300 drones and missiles were launched, with the Israeli military intercepting 99% of them.

According to the minister, a “regional conflagration” would bring “incalculable consequences”.

“The thousands of men, women and children in Israel, Iran and throughout the region were scared and unable to sleep last night. None of them want this escalation [do conflito]”, stated Baerbock.

The region is experiencing heightened tension after an attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria left at least 8 people dead on April 1. Both countries blamed the attack on Israel.

Before the attacks, Israel announced a series of measures for internal prevention. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the country is prepared “for the possibility of a direct attack” and called the war cabinet to a meeting.

“The escalation spiral must be broken. Together, we must find a way to end violence.”said the minister.


The German Foreign Minister was not the only one to repudiate the Iranian action. Leaders from countries such as France, Spain, the United Kingdom and also the EU (European Union) condemned Iran’s attack on Israel.

Itamaraty also commented. He declared on Saturday night (13) that he is following with “serious concern” the conflict between Iran and Israel. He did not condemn the attack. “Since the beginning of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, the Brazilian government has been warning about the destructive potential of hostilities spreading to the West Bank and to other countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and, now, Iran”says the note published on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


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