The invasion in Brasilia was the main headline in the international press throughout the afternoon of Sunday (8). Foreign vehicles compared what happened in the capital of Brazil to the attack on the Capitol, in the United States, in 2021, when supporters of Donald Trump invaded the place to demonstrate against the presidential election that elected Joe Biden as president of the country.

The world was surprised by the extent of Bolsonarists’ refusal to face the victory of President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. the american newspaper New York Times broadcast live, in video, photos and texts, the invasion and classified the attack as a “protest fueled by false allegations of electoral fraud”.

O Washington Post it’s the Liberation, compared what happened to the Capitol. “The incident captured the strange parallels between Bolsonaro and his political star, Trump, and came after months in which pundits feared a January 6-style copycat action here in the US.”

Read below the main headlines of the world press on the subject:

New York Times, USA:

Brazilian authorities clear government offices of protesters, official says
Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro invaded Congress, the presidency and the Federal Supreme Court in the capital, building barricades and breaking windows. More than 200 people were arrested.

Reuters Agency, United Kingdom

Bolsonaro supporters loot the presidential palace, Congress and the Federal Supreme Court

Le Monde, France

In Brazil, bolsonaristas invade the main squares of power for several hours

Supporters of the far-right former president, opposed to Lula’s return to power, looted Congress, the Federal Supreme Court and the presidential palace in Brasilia on Sunday. Jair Bolsonaro simply spoke of invasions that “break” democracy.

The Guardian, UK

Court determines removal of governor of Brasília after Bolsonaro supporters invaded Congress – as it happened

Liberation, France

Riots – In Brasília, Bolsonaristas imitate Trumpists
It took more than four hours for the police to regain control of all government buildings, invaded by supporters of the former president, Sunday, January 8th. The police made over 300 arrests.

The Washington Post, EUA

Assault on presidential palace and congress challenges Brazilian democracy

El País, Spain

Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters invade Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court of Brazil

President Lula accuses his predecessor of encouraging the invasion for which at least 150 people were arrested.

Clarin, Argentina

Maximum tension in Brazil – Following Bolsonaro, they entered Congress, the Presidential Palace of Planalto and the Court building

Deutsche Welle, Germany

Bolsonaro Supporters Invade Congress in Brazil

Supporters of former Brazilian head of state Jair Bolsonaro invaded and vandalized several government buildings. President Lula da Silva speaks of “fascist vandals”. Foreign countries are also shocked.

asahi, japan

Police attack invaders of the presidential palace… Case of attack on the Brazilian parliament


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