Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi says it “has sought” to provide assistance to the victim

Indian police authorities arrested four suspects of gang-raping a Brazilian tourist in Dumka this Sunday (March 3, 2024). The information is from the newspaper The Indian Express.

According to the newspaper Al Jazeera, the victim is a travel blogger with more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram. She also holds Spanish nationality.

The victim and her husband were traveling through the state of Jharkhand, in eastern India. When stopping to camp in the municipality of Durkam on Friday (1st March), the 2 were attacked by a group of 7 people. The woman was raped and the man assaulted.

Jharkhand police chief Ajay Kumar Singh informed the Indian Express that “all members have been identified and the other suspects will be arrested soon”.

Itamaraty stated that it sought contact with the Brazilian woman and local authorities to provide consular assistance. The Brazilian embassy in New Delhi also contacted the Spanish embassy.

Here is the full statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi, has sought to provide all applicable consular assistance to the Brazilian woman. Immediately after becoming aware of the facts, the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi sought contact with the Brazilian citizen and local authorities. At the same time, given the information of dual Brazilian and Spanish nationality, the Brazilian embassy coordinated with the Spanish embassy, ​​which reported that it was providing consular assistance to the victims;

“In compliance with the right to privacy and in compliance with the provisions of the Access to Information Law and decree 7,724/2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not provide additional information on individual cases of assistance to Brazilian citizens;

“Through the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to monitor all developments in the case, in close coordination with the authorities of Spain and India.”


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