On a giant screen in Trocadero Square, in Paris, activists watched the vote at the Palace of Versailles. (Photo: Pierre René Worms/RFI)

By 780 votes in favor and 72 against, the parliament meeting in Congress at the Palace of Versailles, made France the first country in the world to explicitly include the voluntary termination of pregnancy, or the right to abortion, in its Constitution.

“The majority of three-fifths of the votes cast, necessary to modify the supreme text, was, in this way, achieved without difficulty and the seal of Congress was placed on the text immediately after the vote”, says a report from Radio France International (RFI).

The parliament of that country placed the following text in article 34 of the Constitution: “The law determines the conditions under which the freedom guaranteed to women to resort to voluntary termination of pregnancy is exercised.”

“We will continue for those who resist Trump, Bolsonaro, Orbán, Milei, Putin, Giorgia Meloni”, says socialist senator Laurence Rossignol, receiving a standing ovation from Congress on several occasions.

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French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal appealed to deputies and senators to make the country an example to the world.

“We have a moral debt to women (…) We have the chance to change history. We are sending a message to all women: your body belongs to you and no one can decide for you,” Attal told parliamentarians.

French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on the X: “French pride, universal message”. He also invited the French to a ceremony on March 8, International Women’s Rights Day, to officially ratify the amended Constitution.

Shortly after the voting results, the Eiffel Tower shone with the message “my body, my choice.”

With information from RFI

Source: vermelho.org.br

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