The phenomenon recorded winds of 249 km/h this Tuesday (2.Jul) and should cause storms in the Caribbean country on Wednesday (3.Jul); see images

The NHC (National Hurricane Center) announced on Tuesday (July 2, 2024) that Hurricane Beryl passed through the south of the Dominican Republic. The phenomenon is expected to reach Jamaica and hit the Caribbean country with “potentially fatal winds and storms” on Wednesday (3.Jul).

The hurricane strengthened, becoming “potentially catastrophic” reaching category 5 on Monday night (July 1), the most intense level on the scale, while crossing the eastern part of the Caribbean. It recorded winds of up to 249 km/h at 3 pm (Brasília time) this Tuesday (July 2).

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. It is rare for a major hurricane to form this early in the season. Beryl is the first Category 5 hurricane ever recorded at this time of year.

According to information from New York Timesat least 4 people died after the hurricane hit Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on Monday (1st July). Earlier, on Sunday (30th June), the phenomenon hit the Windward Islands.

Watch the destruction caused by Hurricane Beryl in the Caribbean (3min12s):


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