A Hamas delegation arrived in Egypt this Sunday (3) to resume negotiations for a truce in the State of Israel’s military operations in Gaza. According to the news agency AFPHamas deputy head Khalil Al-Hayya intends to deliver an official ceasefire response during negotiations in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

However, according to the Al Jazeera, anonymous authorities reported that the Israelis will not send a delegation to Cairo, the Egyptian capital, because they demand that Hamas release a list of names of living prisoners. According to the CNN Brazilin addition to representatives from Tel Aviv, the meeting would feature negotiators from the United States and Egypt.

After almost five months, the Israeli military offensive has resulted in the deaths of more than 30,000 Palestinians, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Furthermore, the hunger situation caused by the conflict makes the living situation of the Palestinian people even more difficult. The UN estimate is that more than two million people – almost the entire population of the Gaza Strip – are threatened with famine in the Palestinian territory, especially in its northern part. The little aid that can enter the region is from the south, across the border with Egypt, in Rafah. Before the crisis that began in October, around 500 trucks with humanitarian aid entered Rafah daily. In February, the average was 80.

The attempt at negotiation comes just days after the massacre of a group of Palestinians who were waiting for the arrival of humanitarian aid trucks in Gaza. On Thursday (29), Israeli soldiers shot Palestinians who were queuing to access food. The action resulted in 112 deaths and 750 injuries.

“Those starving for three months went to look for food and were murdered by the Zionist forces of Israel. It was the height of absurdity. We came here to say that this was the last straw in this genocide that is happening in Gaza and that the world has to take urgent and rapid action to put an end to this”, said Mohamad El-Kadri, president of the Palestine Latin Forum, during a protest against the military offensives of the State of Israel.

Editing: Vivian Virissimo

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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