Meeting reinforces the request made by MST leader, João Pedro Stédile, for the pontiff’s support for the project to tax the super-rich

Finance Minister Fernando Haddad will try to schedule a meeting with Pope Francis on his trip to the Vatican. He will depart on June 3 for Rome at 2pm. He will echo the leader of the MST (Landless Workers Movement), João Pedro Stédile who, during an official visit to the pontiff on May 18, asked him to publicly support the proposal to tax the super-rich. The topic is under discussion during Brazil’s presidency of the G20. Here is the full statement (PDF – 70 kB).

The meeting with the pope is not scheduled. Haddad’s agenda includes a bilateral meeting with the Italian Economy Minister, Giancarlo Giorgietti, at 4pm on June 4th. On the same day, there will be a bilateral meeting with the Indonesian Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, at 6 pm.

Haddad will return to Brazil on Wednesday (June 5, 2024), but will only arrive on Thursday. It will land at 6 am in São Paulo.

Stédile’s letter is signed by entities in Latin America, especially Brazil and Argentina. They defend Haddad’s proposal who, representing Brazil in the presidency of the G20, asked to tax the super-rich.

The annual tax would be 2% on the value of the fortunes of the 3,000 businesspeople considered the richest in the world. The fortunes are valued at US$17 billion, according to the letter.

The amount recovered each year would be US$340 million, which would be allocated to a fund to fight poverty, social inequality and protect nature, but especially in the global south.”says an excerpt.

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