In a publication, the deputy calls the businessman “Muchen” and, in English, praises him for “fighting for freedom of expression”

The federal deputy Gustavo Gayer (PL-GO) reached 1 million followers on X (ex-Twitter) this Friday (April 19, 2024). The congressman, pre-candidate for Mayor of Goiânia, thanked the platform owner, Elon Musk, for the brand.

“Thank you to everyone and especially to Elon Muchen. hahahaha @elonmusk thank you for fighting for free speech [obrigado por lutar pela liberdade de expressão, em português], these.

The businessman’s last name spelled wrong is in reference to the speech of the federal deputy Paulão (PT-AL). In a speech in the plenary during the discussion of the PL (bill) on fake news (2,630, 2020) in April, the congressman mispronounced Musk’s name.

“We are discussing here Elon Muchen, who is the 2nd fortune in the world, and he bought his communication with Twitter to play“, he declared.


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