The Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People in the Federal District organizes another demonstration in support of the population of the Gaza Strip. The event takes place this Wednesday (6) in front of the Egyptian embassy at 9 am.

According to a note from the Committee, the concentration at the Egyptian embassy aims to “show solidarity with the Palestinian people, demanding the opening of the border between Palestine and Egypt, so that humanitarian aid can enter Gaza”.

The organization also puts as an agenda the end of relations between Brazil and Israel, especially after the developments that occurred following President Lula’s speeches about the ongoing massacre in Gaza in comparison with the actions of Hitler’s genocide and the massacre on Al Rashid Street on Thursday- fair (29). This attack by Israeli military forces against people preparing to receive food and humanitarian aid resulted in around 104 Palestinians dead and 760 injured, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health. Most of the victims were women and children.

This number accumulates with another 30,000 deaths since the conflict began on October 7 last year. The United Nations (UN) estimates that in these almost five months of confrontation, 2.2 million people (more than half the population) are at risk of dying of hunger in the Gaza Strip, especially in the north, where destruction, Fighting and looting make the delivery of humanitarian aid virtually impossible.

The coordinator of the Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People in the Federal District, Pedro Batista, stated that the concentration at the Egyptian embassy is due to the geopolitical relationship that indicates “the perverse action of the Egyptian government, which has supported the genocide carried out by Israel. The President of Egypt, Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, has presented himself with a servile stance towards imperialism in favor of the Zionists and Benjamin Netanyahu to eliminate the Palestinian people.”

“Firstly, this massacre must immediately cease, the genocide must be stopped. Secondly, freedom and the free territory of Palestine from Rio to the Sea must be guaranteed”, highlights Pedro Batista.

Source: BdF Distrito Federal

Editing: Flávia Quirino


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