Protesters held an act against the company’s contract with the Israeli government

Google fired 28 employees who protested on Tuesday (April 16, 2024) due to the company’s contract with the Israeli government. The workers’ dismissal was announced by Vice President of Global Security, Chris Rackow, in an email sent to the entire company. The newspaper The Wall Street Journal had access to the statement.

The protests were led by the organization No Tech for Apartheid. They were held at Google’s offices in the North American cities of New York, Seattle and Sunnyvale. In the email, Rackow said the acts were “unacceptable, extremely disruptive and made co-workers feel threatened”.

According to the The Wall Street JournalGoogle and Amazon signed a contract in 2021, known as Nimbus, to provide cloud services to the Israeli government.

Protesters said they planned to occupy Google’s offices until they were arrested or until the company canceled its contract with Israel. On Tuesday (April 16), 9 workers from big tech were arrested in Sunnyvale. They occupied an office used by Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.

A spokesperson for No Tech for Apartheid disputed that all 28 fired employees participated in the protest.

This blatant act of retaliation is a clear indication that Google values ​​its $1.2 billion contract with the genocidal Israeli government and military more than its own workers – those who create real value for executives and shareholders”, reads a statement cited by the North American publication.


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