Chief of Finance made the statement after saying that Brazil is not “on the radar” of the USA and China “as Brazil intends to be”

The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, said this Friday (April 5, 2024) that he sees Germany as a promising partner for Brazil in the process of energy transition and sustainable development, when participating in the Phenomenal World event for Latin America, in the capital of São Paulo.

The issue of development based on ecological balance has been presented by the federal government as a diplomatic priority since the launch, in December, of the Ecological Transformation Plan, presented by Haddad at the 28th COP (United Nations Conference on Climate Change).

“Germany is also facing the threat of a rise in the far right. But today it is the country that, from my point of view, looks at South America, in general, and Brazil, in particular, with a kind of appetite that is beneficial for both sides. Yes, see Brazil as a supplier of clean energy”said the minister.

“And Brazil will be able to be a great supplier of clean energy to the world, but it can also be a partner that re-industrializes or neo-industrializes, as you wish, based on new premises, a socially sustainable, environmentally sustainable and economically sustainable economy”he added.

China and the United States

The statement about Germany came after the minister said that Brazil is not “no radar” from the United States and China “how Brazil intends to be”.

“When we observe the speeches of these countries in relation to Brazil, it is a speech that underestimates, in a certain way, the potential of a country like Brazil, with the peculiarities that Brazil has and with the innovative potential that Brazil has demonstrated, including from an institutional point of view”these.

The minister said, however, that he does not see any contempt from China and the United States towards Brazil.

“At no point in the conversation with the [presidente da China] Xi Jinping ou com [o presidente dos Estados Unidos]Joe Biden, with President Lula [PT]some kind of contempt for Brazil, [como se fosse] a 2nd category powerhouse, in no time. But the issue of underestimating the partnership potential seems notable to me”he stated.

Haddad also recalled that the country already had a series of strategic partnerships with Germany in the 1970s and that the European country took the recent decision, for reasons of internal politics, to give up nuclear energy and start looking more closely at sustainable development.

With information from Agência Brasil.


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