Group with some of the world’s largest economies released joint statement of support for Kiev during NATO summit

The G7 announced this Wednesday (July 12, 2023) long-term measures that will help Ukraine rebuild its economy and infrastructure.

The actions, according to the group, will also promote Kiev’s integration with the Euro-Atlantic community and help the Eastern European country to defend itself in the war against Russia. The initiatives are part of a joint declaration of support for Ukraine. Here is the full text (62 KB, in English).

The announcement was made during the 2nd day of the NATO summit (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Japanese Prime Minister and current G7 President Fumio Kishida told reporters that he hoped that the long-term security plans offered to Ukraine “be open to any country that shares the intention and supports Ukraine”.

Also in a statement to journalists in Vilnius, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the G7 leaders for the measures and said that the meetings held at the NATO summit provided “a much needed and significant success for Ukraine”.

In the joint declaration, the leaders of Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom –member countries of the group– and European Union authorities pledged to ensure the Ukrainian defense by sending military equipment and weapons. The nations pledge to train Ukrainian forces, share intelligence and support cyber defense initiatives.

The long-term commitments of the G7, according to the document, also include:

  • strengthen the stability of the Ukrainian economy through reconstruction and recovery efforts; It is
  • provide technical and financial support for Ukraine’s immediate needs arising from Russia’s war.

“In the event of a future armed Russian attack, we intend to immediately consult with Ukraine to determine appropriate next steps. We intend, in accordance with our respective legal and constitutional requirements, to provide Ukraine with rapid and sustained security assistance, modern military equipment on land, sea and air domains, economic assistance and impose economic costs on Russia.”said the G7 in the statement.

In return, Ukraine has also committed to taking action to combat corruption in the country, in addition to carrying out reforms in government administration and the defense industry.


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