In some cases, celebrities made direct disclosures; in others, they promoted concerts and fundraising events

With the calamity caused by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul, celebrities from Brazil and the world publicized actions in support of the State. Singers, athletes and other personalities ask for donations to the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

In some cases, celebrities made direct disclosures. Others shared the requests through their organizations and social entities.

Read below who announced the cause and what each person said:


The singer announced the donation of R$200,000 to the State, in addition to a concert that will be held to raise funds. There is no set date yet.


The 94-year-old actress said she will perform a reading of the text “The Farewell Ceremony”, by Simone de Beauvoir, to raise money for the State. The event will be on May 15th at Teatro Casa Grande, in Rio de Janeiro, at 8pm.


The American guitarist shared photos of the capital Porto Alegre on his Instagram profile and showed solidarity with the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

“Thinking of all my friends in Porto Alegre who are suffering from this flood disaster. Good luck to you. We hope the water recedes very soon!”he wrote.


The star said on May 7: “It never hurts to help, regardless of your financial situation”. According to him, Brazil is going through a “delicate moment”.

The player stated on his profile on X (formerly Twitter) that one of his planes was used to carry out rescues.


BeyGOOD, the American artist’s NGO (non-governmental organization), shared the Pix code for sending donations to the State. The money will be redirected to Cufa (Central Única das Favelas), a partner of the entity.

“You can join BeyGOOD to help power these much-needed, life-changing actions with whatever amount your heart and current situation allows”says one post no Instagram.

Here is the shared Pix key: [email protected]

Gisele Bündchen

The supermodel, who is from Rio Grande do Sul, shared a video in English in which she reports on the situation in Rio Grande do Sul. She asks her followers to send money through the website Brazil Foundation.

“My home state, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, had the greatest tragedy in its history”she said at the beginning of the recording.

Lewis Hamilton

The British pilot shared a newspaper publication The Guardian and wrote: “Our hearts go out to everyone in Brazil affected by the flood”.


The country singer will perform at 11:30 pm this Saturday (May 11, 2024) to raise funds for Rio Grande do Sul. On Instagram, he detailed the action and shared a code for donating money.


The American actor shared the photo of the Pix code posted by Luan Santana. Vincent went viral in Brazil in 2024, after lovingly receiving comments from Brazilian fans of the series “Everybody Hates Chris”.


The artist, who is a drag queen, shared a series of Pix keys for sending resources to her followers. She also shared the location of collection points. “Any help is welcome!”he wrote.


Bloggers meet this Saturday (May 11) from 10am to 6pm at the Novotel São Paulo Morumbi, in the capital of São Paulo, to receive donations for the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

The biggest announcements were made by makeup influencer Mari Maria and comedian Blogueirinha. “All these items, together with our own donations, will be sent to Rio Grande Do Sul in partnership with Correios”, claim in a joint post.


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