The CGT union (General Confederation of Labor) estimates the participation of 250,000 protesters in Paris and 640,000 across the country

A demonstration against the advancement of “extreme right” in the elections for the European Parliament, represented by Marine Le Pen’s party, the RN (National Regroupment), mobilized thousands of people in Paris and other cities in France this Saturday (June 15, 2024)

The protest was called after French President Emmanuel Macron (Renaissance, center) dissolved the National Assembly and called elections for June 30. The measure was taken after the defeat of his centrist party in the European elections.

According to the agency Reuters, the police, anticipating the participation of 350,000 people, deployed 21,000 officers. Trade unions, student groups and human rights organizations called for this demonstration to express opposition to RN’s anti-immigration and eurosceptic policies.

The march in Paris began at 9 am (Brasília time), at Place de La Republique. Police counted around 75,000 participants in the capital alone. The CGT (General Confederation of Labor), one of France’s main unions, estimated that 250,000 people marched in Paris and 640,000 across the country, while the police registered a total of 217,000 protesters in France.

Sophie Binet, leader of the CGT, said she was worried about the possibility of Jordan Bardella, leader of the RN, becoming the next Prime Minister of France. “We are marching because we are extremely worried… We want to avoid this disaster”these Binet.

Initial research indicates that RN could win the elections and form the next government. A survey by OpinionWay-Vae Solis for Les Echos and Radio Classique predicts that RN will lead the first round of parliamentary elections with 33% of the votes.


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