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Attacking electronic voting machines as Bolsonaro did at the meeting with foreign ambassadors is a reprehensible attitude not only in Brazil. In the same way as the former president did, the US news channel Fox News, owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch, attacked the electronic voting machines in the country’s presidential elections in 2020, and for that it will pay US$ 787.5 million (about Rs. $3.9 billion).

The amount will be paid to the electronic voting machine manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems, which sued the broadcaster for supporting disinformation issued by Donald Trump. The then US president, during the election in which he ran for re-election, began a series of attacks on the electoral system by saying that the polls would be rigged for the benefit of his opponent, Joe Biden.

The case initiated by the company in March 2021 would be tried in the Delaware state court this Tuesday (18), but an agreement between the parties ended the process. Initially the company asked for US$ 1.6 billion, but accepted about half of the initial request.

From the beginning, Fox’s lawyers acted to ensure that the case did not go to court. By settling early in the trial, the defense saved Murdoch, 92, and presenters who publicized the false allegations of fraud from having to appear in court as witnesses.

In the claim, Dominion claimed that at the time of the events there was rapid growth among technology companies and rumors of Trump that gained an endorsement from Fox News hurt the business.

In the decision that sealed the deal, Fox News representatives issued a statement acknowledging the court’s rulings on the false allegations against the company.

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