Kim Ki-Nam has suffered health problems since 2022; North Korean leader Kim Jong Un paid tribute to former politician during funeral

North Korea’s propaganda chief and former secretary of the country’s Workers’ Party Central Committee, Kim Ki-Nam, 94, he died in Pyongyang, the country’s capital, on Tuesday (May 7, 2024), according to the state news agency KCNA. Kim Ki-Nam has suffered health problems since 2022.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, was present at the funeral and honored Kim Ki Nam with a wreath of flowers this Wednesday (May 8). He offered solidarity to the family.

Kim Ki-Nam he was born into a longshoreman’s family on August 28, 1929, and in his childhood he would have experienced financial difficulties. During the Korean War, he played a role in educating and training talents that would contribute to the country’s reconstruction after the conflict.

He worked for 68 years on the Central Committee of the PTC (Workers’ Party of Korea), working to consolidate the party’s ideological and theoretical base and promote the Juche philosophy, which defends nationalist ideas for the citizens of North Korea.

During the rule of the country’s current leader Kim Jong Il’s father, Kim Ki-Nam held positions in the field of information and publicity and later participated in the transition to Kim Jong Un’s leadership.

For his work, Kim Ki-Nam received several decorations, including the Order of Kim Il Sung and the Order of Kim Jong Il, among other high-ranking awards.


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