During an interview with the television channel Ecuavisa, this Tuesday morning (07/03), former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno confirmed that he will ask for political asylum from the government of Paraguay, the country where he currently resides.

The decision was taken, according to the former representative, in light of the recent request by the Attorney General’s Office of Ecuador to impose a precautionary measure that would oblige him to appear before a local court every 15 days, while the investigation of the Ina case lasts. Papers.

In conversation with journalist Carlos Rojas, presenter of the Ecuadorian broadcaster’s morning newspaper, Moreno alleged that he is not only working in Asunción, where he holds the position of commissioner of the Organization of American States (OAS) for disability issues, but also going through a medical treatment that would make it impossible for you to fly frequently.

“I’m consulting with my lawyer, but at first I’m going to do that [pedir asilo no Paraguai]because people in Ecuador do not know that I am undergoing this treatment and that the last few times I traveled by plane, to Quito and Geneva, I had problems with bleeding from the bladder, which can be caused by a simple turbulence, and I had to being hospitalized three times because of that,” reported the former Ecuadorian president.

Moreno is one of the 37 people being investigated in the Ina Papers Case, which has that name because it arose from a complaint about an alleged scheme to embezzle US$76 million in public money, as well as money laundering and evasion of foreign exchange to accounts in tax havens in the name of the former president’s three daughters, whose names share the same suffix: Irina, Cristina and Carina.

In addition to the politician, his wife, Rocío González, and their three daughters are also being investigated. [entre as quais a mais comprometida seria a mais velha, Irina Moreno González, que também seria uma das operadoras do esquema]. Both would also have to appear in court every 15 days, according to the prosecutor’s request.

The measure requested of the Moreno González family is the mildest among those involved in the case, despite the fact that it also includes preventive house arrest. Among the others investigated, 23 face preventive requests in a closed regime. Another nine who must comply with the measure at home, only received the benefit because they are over 65 years old.

According to the local press, Judge Luis Adrián Rojas, of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador, issued a favorable opinion on the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and should make them effective in the next few hours.

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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