Photo: Photography Department of the Parliament of Uruguay

Last Friday (1), for the first time in history a communist assumed the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay (Cámara de Representatives). Representative Ana Olivera is from the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU), which together with other parties makes up the Broad Front (Frente Amplio).

Olivera is only the fourth woman to head the Chamber, and the first woman to preside over the House was also from the Frente Amplio, Nora Castro, but linked to the Popular Participation Movement (Movimiento de Participación Popular – MPP) – to which the former member belongs. -president Pepe Mujica.

Photography Department of the Parliament of Uruguay

In Uruguay, the presidency of the Chamber is voted on by the deputies and reflects the political agreements made, while in the Senate the position is occupied by the vice-presidency of the Republic.

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The Uruguayan media classified the position of Ana Olivera, who previously held the position of Intendant of Montevideo (equivalent to governor) and vice-minister of Social Development, as historic. This is because it once again recognizes the position of women in politics and the role of the communist contribution in the political construction of the country.

The position of leader of the Chamber has special importance this year, which will be marked by elections on October 27th. The Broad Front has been favored in the polls to succeed the right-wing Lacalle Pou in the presidency, who will try to replace him with the National Party. The mandate in Uruguay is 5 years and the current president cannot be re-elected immediately.

*With information from El Popular and Prensa Latina


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